With the evolving product market and cutting-edge competition in terms of technology, it becomes highly crucial to update products at right interval. Whether there is a need to scale up a product, or upgrade components, or optimizing capacity, BIMGS helps you recreate the missing or old product with smart reverse engineering services.

With a Team of Skillful Reverse engineers we promise our clients to deliver the best product from bimgs. Our efficient and effectivereverse engineeringprocess has helped many notable clients.

Why do we need

Reverse Engineering

• The original manufacturer of a product no longer produces a product • There is inadequate documentation of the original design • The original manufacturer no longer exists, but a customer needs the product • The original design documentation has been lost or never existed • Some bad features of a product need to be designed out. For example, excessive wear might indicate where a product should be improved • To strengthen the good features of a product based on long-term usage of the product • To analyze the good and bad features of competitors’ product • To explore new avenues to improve product performance and features • To gain competitive benchmarking methods to understand competitor’s products and develop better products • The original CAD model is not sufficient to support modifications or current manufacturing methods • The original supplier is unable or unwilling to provide additional parts • The original equipment manufacturers are either unwilling or unable to supply replacement parts, or demand inflated costs for sole-source parts • To update obsolete materials or antiquated manufacturing processes with more current, less-expensive technologies Before attempting reverse engineering a well-planned life-cycle analysis and cost/benefit analysis should be conducted to justify the reverse engineering project.Reverse engineering enables the duplication of an existing part by capturing the component’s physical dimensions, features, and material properties. Reverse engineering is typically cost effective only if the items to be reverse engineered reflect a high investment or will be reproduced in large quantities. Reverse engineeringof a part may be attempted even if it is not cost effective, if the part is absolutely required and is mission-critical to a system.