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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the major parts of Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry.

When your project is in the early inception phases, having a precisely converted laser scan model to BIM will achieve an accurate base layer for clash resolution. With the latest in 3D laser scanning, your project will be taken to the next level. Our group has diverse experience in BIM and brings this expertise into your project.

Our passion is delivering impeccable work to each client and that can be seen clearly in our portfolio of finished projects Our breadth of experience stretches across industries including oil & gas, real estate, retail, renovations, and larger scale infrastructure.

We provide Point Cloud to BIM services to a wide range of construction industry sectors, including architects, retailers, surveyors and main contractors. In addition to Scan-to-BIM Models for architectural and structural building elements for many of these customers, we also provide MEP scan to BIM services to consulting engineers, MEP designers and MEP contractors.

Point Cloud scan is the latest BIM technology used for capturing the as built conditions of a building or object. It comprises of a set of a million data points which represent the three-dimensional coordinates of the external surface of a building or an object. This set of data called the point cloud are typically gathered or captured using a 3D scanner.

Using a variety of surface reconstruction methods facilitated by specialist software tools, we reconstruct this scan data into a working 3D BIM model which reflects the existing condition of the building or object Bimgs delivers reliable Point cloud to BIM and laser scan to BIM conversion services using Revit. We convert Point cloud data into information-rich BIM models from laser surveyed data images and point cloud.

Our experts create BIM models from Point cloud and conduct a thorough design validation by successfully executed a plethora of phased renovation, retrofits and expansion projects. We leverage the potential of Point cloud technology by integrating it with our BIM expertise. Our professionals can compare as-built conditions with the as planned design and accordingly augment 3D data.

We create information rich models, and hence provide a highly visual and easy to understand 3D documentation. Our company is focused in delivering high value BIM services, thus garnering appreciation and building long termed business relations with clients