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Our team of Architects & Engineers will feed all the current site data including the materials, schedule for the construction etc which will create a blueprint for the progress for construction team to follow. During fortnightly meetings BIMGS team will give data in multiple datasets like graphs, real-time construction simulation to understand the progress at site.

For stakeholders sitting at different locations monitoring the site on a daily or weekly basis is almost impossible. Which is why BIM Global Solutions team of Engineers update the site progress at the end of the day using proprietary software which will create the progress at site, lags in construction, delay in procurement plus the budget spent as on date. The beauty is BIMGS can provide information relating to the remaining project tenure, the delay in project resulting in budget overshooting & overall increase in the budget of the project at the time of completion. We can provide fortnightly data which can help the stakeholders address the issue of project delay & save a lot of money for everyone involved.