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Most Turnkey projects would require an elaborate schedule of construction along with a collaborative details of the multiple stakeholders involved. With big projects big investment is the name of the game, with so much at stake BIMGS will provide the expertise in preparing precise BIM EXECUTION PLANS. This will ensure your project is on track for completion.

AT BIM Global Solutions we believe that any BIM Execution plan done is Project well done. That is how important each project execution plan is for every project. When there is no execution in BIM level there is a lot of manhours spent on procuring, finalizing, stocking materials or hiring the right set of people to do the job. A poor BIM Execution plan may lead to insufficient stock, poor quality of materials, unskilled manpower etc which may overshoot the project budget to over 30% of the proposed budget. Be it a small scale project or a large one we can easily associate ourself to create a solid BIM Execution Plan.