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All living beings need light & fresh air, with cities getting cramped for space the only way to expand is to reach the sky. How can you get the heat & light from the sun without getting too uncomfortable, BIM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS has been researching the effects of clean living using the path of the sun to identify light source into your building without the corresponding heat penetration. A complete study of the project, location, dynamics is required to redesign your building into an Energy efficient one.

Advantages of Day Light Energy Analysis:
  • Helps select best materials based on location.
  • Provides adequate Daylight for all your rooms, which cuts down the need for switching on lights during daytime.
  • Cleverly place Louvers to bring in natural ventilation.
  • High efficient BIM Materials which help to cool down the place naturally.
  • Switching to Low lumens lighting to bring down the skyrocketing Electricity bills.
  • Provide Motion detection for safe energy efficient lighting which cuts off automatically once no movement is detected after a time period.