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We are in an Era of high rise buildings & multiplex malls fighting to give us a luxurious experience. Calculations for buying an air conditioner unit for an apartment is not going to be a big task, so how do these places manage to keep its visitors cool at the same time stay luxurious. To cool such big areas you have ducts bringing in cool air, but what about the heat, how do you address the heat when there's a lot of people going to get assembled inside theaters & malls. Our BIM Engineers have provided millions of square feet of calculations for handling the heat out the area using real world calculations which will help keep your building & your customers cool for a very long time.

Bringing CO2 emissions under control & providing greener gases is the need of the hour. The refrigerant gases have changed & become greener, it’s time we move towards a greener generation for a cleaner living. Please consider to use the Heat Load calculation to evaluate how much CO2 your building emits & how it can emit good green gas which in turn provides good & clean environment for everyone. Reach us to understand how we can help make your Building stay cooler & keep the environment happy.