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With every metropolis going the vertical way with skyscrapers adorning our skyline it's very important to understand that as each building climbs its way higher the most important factor to consider is the effect of wind. Not the gentle breeze but the strong winds. Every building going above 15 floors should have wind effect Analysis performed for long term endurance. Most builders tend to not disclose such information to their customers which is why BIM Global Solutions Pvt Ltd can provide, assist & analyze the effects of wind in your project.

We provide a comprehensive report on the current building & how wind plays a big part in the way it’s shaped. Architect Seyed Ibrahim – Director BIM Global Solutions Pvt Ltd with over 30+ years Experience completed his M.Arch from USA specializing in High Rise Buildings. He can provide an intrinsic solution to any design where wind plays a key role in the construction of high rise buildings.

Give us a call or drop an email we’ll be delighted to inform Mr.Seyed you are looking forward to a High Rise Consultation.