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What if you do not have blueprints for your existing building? What if you want to renovate your huge factory & do not have any drawings to go about the renovation. We are here to help you bridge the old & new. With the evolving market and cutting-edge competition in terms of technology, it becomes highly crucial to update your operational building into a digital form. Whether there is a need to scale up your building or make renovations, BIMGS helps you recreate the existing building with all it’s services.

BIM Global Solutions Team of Skillful Scan Masters promise our clients to deliver the most closest original building in it’s digital form. Our efficient and effective reverse engineering technique has helped many notable clients bring dusty old factories, buildings back to life.

BIMGS Reverse Engineering

Why do we need Reverse BIM Technique from BIMGS?

  • The original building is to be renovated
  • There is no adequate documentation of the original drawings
  • The original building no longer exists with lots of modifications done
  • The original design documentation has been lost or ever existed
  • Some bad elements of the building need to be designed out. For example, excessive cracks, leakage, not user friendly
  • To strengthen the good features of the building based on long-term usage of the same
  • To analyze the good and bad features of the building
  • To explore new avenues to improve & add more features
  • The original CAD model is not sufficient to support modifications or current standards
  • To update obsolete materials or antiquated pieces of the building with more current, less-expensive materials.
  • Before attempting Reverse BIM technique a well-planned life-cycle analysis and cost/benefit analysis should be conducted to justify the reverse engineering for the building. Call BIMGS as It is typically cost effective only if the building reflects a high investment. BIM Global Solutions is a pioneer in transforming old buildings, factories, newly constructed buildings, factories built without using traditional drawings can be scanned to become a digital model.