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We undertake to help estimate the time required for your project to be completed. Earlier times we would have required manual calculations for everything, but with technology in our hands we can estimate how much materials is required to construct. For small apartments or buildings it may be simpler but when it's a High Rise Building or Multi use commercial building then it becomes a very difficult task. Not just estimating the cost of materials & time required, it involves hours of Manpower to complete the task. BILL OF Quantities can be extracted as & when needed. This will help plan your budget & help take care of project to stay within budget.

We offer the highest Quality of Bar Bending Schedules & even Structural Steel data. At BIMGS we offer a Quick turnaround time, Quality output with attention to client’s needs & 95% accuracy guaranteed. Our team will co-ordinate with the site team & get the information entered in various format which will then be fed into the Native software for keeping a track of the items when they are transported to site, availability of inventory, stock maintenance, ordering fresh stock before exhausting the supplies. With all the information at a glance BIM Global Solutions will be your trusted Project partner for all your upcoming projects.